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Project Updates: January 2021

Happy not 2020 anymore! I'm going to try get these update posts out from here on. I've given myself a nice break over the last few months and been pretty pinpoint focused on other stuff but it would be nice to start getting some content on the blog and start to share progress with you again.


So... when was the last time I did a public update like this? I need to check.

...August, right.

The Patreon has been going strong for content so here's the biiiig list of stuff since August:


Me and my friends did a Dnd-esk tabletop game set in the Moon Girl world. Patrons got access to posts about the system and setting that was used and the antics of my friends as Trickster cops!


A while ago a Patron requested a story about Dreda as a werewolf inspired by 2019's Halloween drawing I did. It was a very fun piece to write and I'm pretty proud of it. Dreda teams up with The Products in the alternative universe piece: City of Chaos.

There was also a doodle of Dreda Wolf in a suit because she got to were a suite in the piece and the image was very dapper and I wanted to draw it.

Sill more in October there were a couple of editing tweets as I edited Moon 5's second draft and a very cute Halloween image of Talthea and Cole dressed as their hero family, off to go Trick or treating.


Both Moon Girl 1 and Moon Girl 5 editing diary entries and the 4th instalment of the Mist Paragon backstory featuring the very first version of Hero HQ and a guest appearance from Tim's barely mentioned mentor.


A quieter month due to Christmas and whatnot, December was home to another Hero HQ office secret Santa. Leo got to be the Santa and some downright insulting gifts were given this year. Suppose that's very 2020 now I think about it...


Quieter month but you got some blog posts. On Patreon, we got the 5th and final instalment of the Mist Paragon back story. I'm not 100% happy with the ending but from that point on the story should be fairly obvious what happens and I don't think another part is really necessary.

Moon Girl 5

Stage: Second Draft

I've been working on it. Not as fast as I would like but I pick it up when I can. I really don't know how I feel about it right now. I feel like I rushed the first draft but am rushing editing too...maybe it's just a bit of self doubt. Beta reader feedback will likely be enough to calm that down once it's at a semi-reasonable standard and not so much of a mess that Word gave up on keeping track of spelling mistakes...

Moon Girl 6

Stage: Planning/First Draft

Honestly, I haven't touched Moon 6 in a while. It's hard to get into again after such a long break. I need to have a good read and take notes on what has happened so far, it's been getting hard to keep track of who knows what but I guess 6 books in it was bound to happen eventually. I'll make some nice notes when I next go through it so I can make looking stuff up easier for future me.

Other works

I have made some moves on those extra things I keep talking about. I can't go the whole hog on what I want to do because of time, money and waiting for the house move but I have started to put a plan together. I'm so excited and a little scared of what I'm planning. I just have to hope it all pans out and I'm not making too big a workload for myself.


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