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Project Updates Febuary 2020


Last month we had an exciting time with marketing.

My online shop is now open! You can get signed books and other merch. You can check that out here: Shop!

Moon Girl 4: Rift is out! You can get it on kindle and paperback!

I'll admit I made some mistakes in the publishing and launch. There are some marketing things I dropped the ball on and I should have pressed the button for the paperback sooner so that it could come out around the same time and the ebook but nerves got the better of me and I hesitated. Not much I can do about it now but I will be taking it into account for next time.

Despite that though, my books are doing the best they have in years. Kindle unlimited reads are up. I've had more pages read in these last couple of months than I had all last year. I have a small but consistent income from Patreon (bless my one Patron!) and I just haven't felt so positive about my books in a long time. It's just been such a great start to the year and I can only hope to grow as it goes.


I'll admit Patreon was a bit quiet this month but that was mainly because I was focusing on publishing. I did delivery on my promises by writing part one of Midnights story on how he and Leo first met. It's pretty cute and I enjoyed writing it. I'd love to do a whole prequel book on these two but sadly I just don't have the capacity for it so, snippets of Patreon it is.

I also ran a special offer giving Patreons a 50% off voucher for my online store! It didn't get me any new Patreons but, gotta try these things. Sometimes it will be a bust sometimes it will be great. At least my current amazing Patron can get some bargains from me. Everyone else's loss.

If you don't want to miss the next special offer you can become a Patreon today and get access to a backlog of short stories and other goodies.

Moon Girl 5 Stage: Planning/First Draft Hit my writing target with time to spare and done some planning that makes me super excited to carry on.

Moon Girl 6

Stage: Planning/First Draft

I have a confession to make. Now that Moon Girl 4 is out, I'm happy to tell you what I've truly been working on.

Very slight spoiler for the end of Moon Girl 4. Due to the end of Moon 4 characters have been split up which means the story splits. I originally wanted these books to be Moon Girl 5A and 5B but eventually decided against to just do books 5 and 6.

I know when I read a book and my fave character isn't in it as much as I would like I get disappointed so, due to Moon 5 not having as many of our usual regulars due to plot I decided to try and write both at the same time so I can release them much closer together. This is going to make the wait time longer unfortunately but it means you'll get two books, hopefully within a month or so of each other.

I will be trying to work on other things in the meantime to fill that gap. (I don't wanna plug Patreon but Patreon does get short stories every month if your dying)

Other works

So at the moment, other works is me trying to put together a backlog of content for Patreon. Some exciting news is my and my boyfriend are looking to buy a house together which is great but will mean some chaos in my life for a little while. With the housing market as it is, who knows when this chaos will hit so I'll be focusing on trying to drum up a small backlog of content. If you have anything you would like to see feel free to comment!

It's a good thing overall though, I don't have as much writing time as I would like in my life as it is now because I spend half my time at my boyfriends away from my writing desk whereas it will be all under the same roof after moving so I'll be able to dedicate some more time and do some extra things I've been wanting to do but can't given my current situation. Tis exciting!


Next month Pateon will have the conclusion of Midnight and Leo's first night together and I have some exciting content for Dnd players!

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