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Project Updates: December 2021



This month of YouTube:

But other than that I participated in Smashwords Christmas sale and have prepared a free book promotion in the new year! (So far it's going very very well. I look forward to tell you just how well next month)


This month Patreon got access to a short story called 'The cursed town' in which a mean spirited narrator terrorises a small town.

Patreons also got access to bloopers from the recording of my YouTube video, early access to the next video.

Moon Girl 5

Stage: Third Draft

Yeah you read right. Moon 5 is finally out of it's beta read. There are a few adjustments to make then it's up for it's Grammarly edit, then text-to-speech edit then final beta read. Feels good to have progress going again!

Moon Girl 6

Stage: Third Draft

Yeah, Beta reader got their speed reading mojo back so much that they actually made it through Moon 6 too! I be focusing on Moon 5 mainly but will chip away at Moon 6 and 7 while I go.

Moon Girl 7

Stage: Planning/First Draft

It's been fun getting back into writing. Feels like a while since I wrote anything original that isn't a short story. That being said Moon 7 is pretty wild already and there's so much for characters to catch up on. It's fun, if a little hard to manage at times.


Thanks for reading!

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