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Project Updates: August 2021

Finally they are out!

With shiny new covers and improved spelling and grammar, Moon Girl's new edition is available for sale in pretty much all online retailers!

Overall, I wouldn't say the launch has been as much of a success as I hoped, however now that Moon Girl has had a good look over I feel much more confident in pushing it and that was the main reason to do this in the first place. Look forward to the marketing section of this update returning next month as I tell you my plans to push Moon Girl under the nose of the world!



This month Patreon got access to a short story called 'Dracsvillie' A story about a vampire hunter, tracking a vampire down to a small, weirdly named town and finding out that it may not just be the vampire's he has to deal with.

There has been a decent amount of art this month. Not as much as I have been a bit flat out with the publishing but I've managed to deliver 4 versions of Tim to the Patrons including, Tim in space, Tim attempting to cosplay his WOW character and Tim in a suit because suits look great on anyone.

See all this and more by becoming a Patreon:

Moon Girl 5

Stage: First Beta Read

My usual beta reader is having some life trouble and sadly I'm not sure I can wait much longer. I'll let them keep hold of the version they have but will be passing it to another for sanity plot checking this month.

Moon Girl 6

Stage: Second Draft

Moon Girl 6's first draft is done! I'm not sure on the ending and whether if feels rushed but that's for second draft me to worry about. I've left it to sit for a few weeks as I focused on re-publishing and this month I should be getting back on it.


Thanks for reading!

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