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Project Updates August 2020


As you can see I have been so behind on this sort of thing I haven't even posted a blog post this month, even with a Magical Girl Raising Project out this month D:


I've been keeping up with Patreon at least. Here's what they got access too:

  • How character Trick levels changes in book 4

  • part 3 of Mist Paragon's backstory that was supposed to be the final bit but apparently not

New Patrons will get access to 57 exclusive posts!

Moon Girl 5/6

Stage: Planning/First Draft

Writing target achieved this month. I can taste the end of this draft I really can. I'm not sure I'll get to it next month but I'm determined to get at least this first draft done before the end of October and, assuming nothing goes too off the rails I should, hopefully be able to do it.

Other works

0 progress


So as I said last month me and the other half have started looking for houses. It's going pretty well, moving our way down the process, however I can't say when we'll be settled in a new place yet.

Again, because of that I don't know how busy/stressed I'll be over the next month. My priorities will be continuing progress on Moon Girl and making sure to keep up with Patreon. I promise to pick the blog back up again once it's all settled.

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