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Project Updates: April 2022

I won't lie April got away from me a bit but! it's for good reasons.

Reason 1 is I got a new job! It's basically what I was doing before but more money, less hours so I should have some more time to catch up with things.

Reason 2 is a little good, little bad. Bad news is my laptop has been playing up. It's running super slow which is understandable, it has served me well for many years. It's hampered my progress this month because honestly, it's just frustrating to use at this point.

Good news I've got A shiny new PC that can handle anything I want to do but it took a little while to get all the parts together and get it built. But now it is and it's awesome.



On YouTube:

As said in the video, I did want to do chapter 1 and 2 of this book but only got time to do the first. I had a lot of fun recording this one and considering the review video of this book did well I'm hoping for this one will do well too.

This month's youtube review of Heirs of Power.


Patreon is still getting chapters of Policework is Hell. A story where a sci-fi policewoman has to look after a small confused child who thinks their a demon.

Patreons also got access to bloopers from the recording of my YouTube video, early access to the next video.

Moon Girl

Status: Working on it

I'm lumping all the Moon Girl work together this month as honestly, I didn't work on it much. I was a bit stressed out this month with the job change. I had been with my last place for 6 years so it was a big shift in my life so I had to take some extra care of my mental health during this time. Hopefully over the next month while I settle in my new place and start getting used to my extra time I should be able to make some good progress.


Thanks for reading!

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