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Project Updates: April 2021

So I have had a house for a month and I'm slowly starting to put together just how much time I can spend on author things while leaving time for relationships, friends, housework, day job and some time for me. It's been difficult to find that balance but proper scheduling and making sure not to beat myself up too much when that schedule inevitably gets thrown off has been the key. Overall I have been able to make more progress this month than I usually do and even had time to look at other ways to make content and other stories.

None of them are really ready to show you I'll admit but having a bit of time to branch out from Moon Girl has been fun.



This month Patreon got access to a short story called 'Depths of the Dungeon' where the greatest adventurer goes missing and her younger brother dives to the depths to find her only to find something strange at the lowest point of the dungeon.

Moon Girl 5

Stage: Second Draft

Something you may read a couple of times is it's going faster than anticipated. I'm well into the last quarter now and will be able to hand over the draft to be beta-read next month. Which is the same month as my beta readers birthday day so I guess their present is sorted haha!

Moon Girl 6

Stage: Planning/First Draft

My monthly goal was to finish reading through and I finally did it! I've actually been able to write new Moon Girl content for the first time in months. Ahh, it's been so fun! I've managed to really pin down what happened between where I'm at and the end so it's just a case of holding on for the ride!

Moon Girl 1

Stage: Re-edit

Moon Girl 1's rework is going much faster than anticipated. I'm well into the last quarter but as much as this is great there are still some other things to be done that will still push back its re-launch. I thought I had a bit longer to sort it out but apparently, I've just been flying through lately.

Other works

As said before I'm not quite in a position to share with you the other things I have been working on. However, I should be able to in the next month or so. Get ready! Here's part of a teaser image:


My goal for next month is to have something new to show you, have the new draft of Moon 1 complete and the second draft of Moon 5 off to beta reading. It sounds like a lot but I've really been able to apply myself since moving out and I'm really happy with the progress I've made.

Thanks for reading and see you next month!

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