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Project Updates April 2020


I've taken by books off KDP for a little while to try do my part to help in the worlds current crisis:

I feel like writing about these heroes that help save the world I need to put my money where my mouth is sometimes So I decided to sell my books for 0 profit on my website and donate everything I make to help fight COVID-19.

Prices haven't changed from Amazon and I have .epub and .pdf copies available. Please consider taking a look at the Superhero store. Moon Girl 1-3 are currently available.


Welcome and thank you to my brand new Patron! it's very exciting to get a new Patron and just the kick I needed to get back in gear and drum up some content for the page. There wasn't too much this month but I've worked on some goodies for next month. This month Patrons got access to: -A short story about a gnome and a shade

New Patrons will get access to 38 exclusive posts!

On another note I'd like to point out that the new Patron this month means I reached my goal of being able to cover some basic insurance so that I can go out to markets to sell my books every so often. Obviously, given everything that's going on that's kind of out the window but it's nice to be there and have the option for later :)

Moon Girl 5/6 Stage: Planning/First Draft Writing has been a bit up and down. With everything going on I have had to look after myself so I haven't done as much as I would have liked but have hit my writing target.

That said it's been fun getting to where i am. I've written a couple of scenes this month that I have literally been planning for years and it feels crazy I've managed to get to this point :)

Other works

So since my mental health has made me struggle to write a bit I haven't really worked on any other projects. I have some nice ideas for some Patreon exclusive things thought that should up my motivation to work on other things but for now, keeping up with my writing target and Patreon pledges takes up most of my writing time.


Who knows what next month will hold, huh? It's a real crazy time to live in. My goal is just to keep plodding along for now.

Stay safe everyone!

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Patrick Webb
Patrick Webb
May 26, 2020

Props to you for giving up your income to help fight Covid-19, you're to be commended for that. Hope you and your loved ones are doing well during this stressful time.

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