• Briony Rose Smith

My Next Life as A Villainess and All Routes Lead to Doom Vol 1

Why did I start reading it?

After watching the anime I was convinced this series was made for me because I was grinning all the way through. Of course, I had to try the light novel eventually!

What is it?

Katarina Claes, noblewoman, trips, falls and bumps her head at the tender age of 8. As a result, she regains memories from her past life as a hopeless modern high school student and begins to match the names and places around her to an otome game she played in life and she's the Villian! She needs to use what knowledge she has to avoid the bad ends and hopefully be able to live past the end of the game!

What are the characters like?

Katarina has a colourful clast of Otome tropes surrounding her. The cold-hearted prince, the disgruntled bad boy, the playboy and the quiet alluring one. Them and even the other rival characters have their tropey characters smoothed out by Kartain's chaotic kindness, sometimes on purpose but mostly because that's just how she is.

What's the bad news?

The book can get a little repetitive. Mary was this and is now this, Jeord was this and is now this. It's okay most of the time as it would normally swap perspective and anyone is more observant than Katrina so we see details we didn't before. There's just one chapter in particular that went through it all again after going through each event twice already.

And the good news?

Katrina's dumb chaotic energy is a fun ride to be on and you can easily see why she attracts so many characters to her. She's so single-minded that most of the time, even if her motives are self-preservation, most of the time she messes that up for the better. It's another low stakes read where you know things will work out for Karatina, question is how it will work out for everyone else dealing with her.

Would you recommend?

Yes. If you enjoyed the first book and are looking for something silly and light-hearted, Bakarina's adventures are for you.


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