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Moon Girl 3: Guillotine Free Preview

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

A couple ran through the streets, breath short, hearts pounding. A panic out of place in the quiet residential area they were bolting through.

At the end of the street stood a mansion surrounded by grassland and a wall with a large iron gate. A middle-aged woman with red hair slammed her key into the lock of the gate, fumbled to turn it and crossed into the mansion grounds. A man with hair like little brown twigs rushed in behind her and didn’t slow down as he headed to the mansion door.

The woman locked the gate behind them then followed him as he jogged on the spot at the door, his sea-blue eyes darting round at every bit of movement.

His wife unlocked the front door as soon as she got there and the two crossed the thresh hold of the mansion, almost tripping each other up as they tried to rush in at the same time.

“Kezia, quick.” The man insisted unnecessarily, the woman already locking the door behind them.

At the click, relief washed over them. The man fell to the ground and the woman leant on the door as they tried to catch their breath.

“Shit...Kezia.” The man called.

“Now, what?” Her cold green eyes turned, glaring, but then they caught what her husband was trying to show her.

On the ground, smashed glass and a broken frame lay under one of their many photos.

“Someone’s been here.” He said what she was thinking.

“How?” She breathed, trying to ignore the panic, “How? We warded this place up to the teeth.”

Kezia moved and pulled away the door mat.

“They look fine.” She noted.

Symbols had been carved under the doormat, right into the polished wood floor. Then what looked like dried blood had been worked into the grooves.

“Could have been a ghost.” The man suggested warily.

“Check.” Kezia ordered.

He nodded and after putting the door mat back where they found it the two started to look around.

It could have only been a ghost. Spirits can get through wards. They usually didn't have to worry about that though, since there weren't many spirits who knew what was going on and those who did, didn’t have a reason to care. Most spirits just kept to themselves.

The only other thing that could have gotten through…was...a thought they didn’t want they think about.

They started with the door on the left of the entrance.

The large dining room on the other side was cold. Their eyes travelled up the large, oak table before they landed on the window. A small part, enough for someone to reach in and unlock it from the outside was broken. It wasn’t just the chilling breeze it let in that made their blood run cold.

“How? How the hell can someone come in and not set off the wards without a key?” The man stepped back.

His wife walked out, solemn eyes, “You know there is only one way, one person who could have done this, Asher.”

“No…No. No. No. That’s worse…. She hates us.” He shook his head, retreating out the room and closing the door behind him like that could somehow change the reality he faced.

“Why do you think she broke the frame?” Kezia gestured to it with a sad smile.

“If it was her…I’m glad she’s okay but…god, Kez. She’s our daughter but I don’t think I could face her.” The blue eyes he shared with his daughter struggled to keep back tears.

“Hopefully we won’t have to.” Kezia agreed, taking his hand, trying to offer him at least some comfort, “For now we need to get that book.”

Asher nodded, taking some deep breaths and wiping his eyes, “You’re right. God knows when they’ll get here.”

Kezia nodded, her face turning to stone as she led him upstairs. They went straight to the study, a dark square with a wall of books but she stopped when she got through.

“Oh god, no.” She tore in and her eyes scanned the wall of books, intently and methodically passing her gaze back and forth.

“What? Wh-“Asher followed her in but stopped when he saw it too.

“Oh no…”

It was gone. The book of curses they needed to set up a defence. The book they needed to survive the night.

“Kez...what are we going to do?” Asher asked as he wracked his brain.

His wife’s dark eyes looked to the ground as her fist’s tightened.

“We’ll gather up what we can,” She started to walk out, tense but head held high, “We’ll just have to set up what we can from memory and pray.”

“And…what if that doesn’t work?” He asked warily, even though he knew the answer.

“Then Product Four is dead. And no matter what they do to us that’s all they will know.”


I hope you enjoyed the preview of Moon Girl 3: Guillotine. You can get your hands on the full book on Amazon and other online retailers:

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