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Your trying to cure a deadly disease but the pretty boys are being dramatic...

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Mia and the Forbidden Medicine report Vol 2 just grows on what made the other so great. We deep dive into medicant production, the morality of testing methods as well as trying to deal with the trails of romance and youth!

Why did I start reading it?

You know how anime can make anything interesting? Like there have been some really good anime about random stuff like radio hosting or quiz competitions that actually teaches you a lot about how things work.

Mia does this when it comes to drug manufacturing, so I was interested in getting deeper in to the second book.

What is it?

Mia and her friends have found the true cause of the diseases Angel Tear and Demon Claw. Now is the question of how it is treated. Both are caused by too much or too little magic in the system but just how does one transfer magic between people?

What are the characters like?

In my review a few years ago I said Mia gets outshines by the three boys but in this book, she holds her own. Generally, I feel like I understand her a bit more in this book or at least everyone has enough time in this book that we get a good idea of how everyone feels about events.

Bless Mathias's heart though. Not being a part of the love triangle means he has to put up with so much.

What's the bad news?

It can be a bit hard to keep track of names. Felix attempts to use his connections and there is a lot of talk of different nobles and country politics that my soft brain struggled with.

And the good news?

I very much enjoyed this book. The medial developments are generally very interesting, the politics that get in the way of healing are probably things that happen in real life and reading this after a pandemic is a very different prospective than when I read the first book years ago.

I look forward to more of Mia, I really do. I wanted to learn more about her journey and which boy she picks even though it's pretty obvious at this point.

Would you recommend?

Yes, if you are a fan of shoujo but want something a bit juicier than the typical reverse harem then Mia will deliver great characters and a fascinating plot.

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