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Magical Girl Raising Project vol 9

Why did I start reading it?

It's MGRP, why else?

What is it?

Magical Girl Raising Project is a book series based on the idea of magical girl battle royals.

This volume contains side stories around both dead and alive magical girls set in various times.

What are the characters like?

They are all the wonderful ones from last time and I loooove that they got a couple of my faves on the cover.

What's the bad news?

The down side to a series like this having a bunch of side stories is that you know the fates of many of these girls. There's been a lot of named character deaths in this series now. The body count over 50 so as much as there may not be many to have stories about it's also just generally not as interesting knowing how these girls meet their end.

And the good news?

There are some cases in this book where that's not as much the case though. Especially in the last few books we have sadly lost characters before they have had a chance to show what their powers could do. My fave story in the book is centered around a group of magical girls who all have pretty random and useless powers. It's from the point of view of a character that died very early in their book but had the interesting power to be able to tell who was going to die first in a group of people. That was a fun adventure.

Would you recommend?

I wouldn't say this was necessary reading for the series at least. It's fun if you want to know more about some of the characters but for the most part you could probably skip it and be fine.

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