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Magical Girl school is hard. Grades, combat training and...politics?

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Why did I start reading it?

13 books in and I’m still invested enough to keep picking these books up. Safe to say I’m just very invested in the strange political magical world they have been creating.

What is it?

Oh no, everyone! We're late to Magical Girl School. In a series about magical girl battle royales, this one takes place in a magical girl school caught in the middle of a political storm.

What are the characters like?

Wonderful. I'm not sure they are 100% that it's what real middle schoolers would act like, but the author always does a wonderful job of varying everyone's personalities and there was no one I really disliked either. Even the nastiest magical girl had good moments.

(Kana is my fave)

What's the bad news?

So, the bad news is that two of the characters in this book are black in the human forms, but their magical girl forms are coloured with pale skin it’s some very awkward whitewashing. I don't expect good representation in Light Novels, I know that Japan isn't there yet, but this is pretty bad I would not blame anyone for not wanting to touch the series for it.

And the good news?

If you enjoyed the political manoeuvring of the last few books, boy, will you like this. It's only half about the actual school and the girls and more about the powers around it pulling the strings. It's so interesting, slowly starting to see what each girl is getting out of being in this school, who they are tied to and just how tense the whole situation is despite it being so calm on the surface.

Would you recommend?

I'm not sure how much I recommend this given its rather offensive portrayal. I want to push it away because I don't think it was mean maliciously, it's just not something thought about as much over in Japan, but does that mean the series should get away with it? One of the two characters has been in the series for a few books now we just didn't know much about them until now...

I don't know. I know I'm personally too invested in the series to stop. I guess it's just up to your own judgement.


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