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Magical Girl Raising Project Vol 12

Why did I start reading it?

It was tempting to skip because once again we find ourselves in a book of side stories but I'm glad I didn't.

What is it?

Magical Girl Raising Project is a book based on the battle royals of magical girls will strange and wonderful powers. This volume is a bunch of side stories originally published in various places online.

What are the characters like?

All the wonderful girls they were before. Can't think of anyone particularly stand out.

What's the bad news?

Some stories don't really hit hard and are just fluff that isn't even all that entertaining or tell you much more about characters we are already pretty familiar with.

And the good news?

but, having said what I did in the bad news there were some stories in here that really did hit well. Magical Shopping had me screaming at the dramatic irony, The making of Magical Girl Raising Project gave us some wonderful ideas of what if scenarios in a hilarious format and The Archfiend Cram School's Hell Survival Games was a fun and epic showdown between many characters, the only thing that disappointed me is not being able to see every fight that happened.

Would you recommend?

If you're invested enough in this series to be reading this far in then I wouldn't skip this volume. It might not push forward the plot but it won't disappoint in battles and give you a good laugh too,


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