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I Became the Secretary of a Hero!, Vol 3

Why did I start reading it?

Because this series has been great so far so why would I stop?

What is it?

Aki jumped into a portal to another world when her sister was taken away and was summoned as the hero's right hand. Fast forward to book 3 and Aki and the Hero, Elias, are more than friends and officially started a romantic relationship, however, events of the last book have left them scared and everyone needs some time to recover and figure things out.

What are the characters like?

All the wonderful team from last time, pretty much all gaining some downtime to just figure out their journey and their relationships.

Anyone particularly cool?

I said in the first book my fave for Leo, in the second it was Johann and guess what? I'm back to Leo. Developing feelings for the same woman as his best friend Leo is such a gentleman and backs down, even when an opportunity to steal her away comes up, hell he's even the one that closes off the opportunity himself. He's too good for this world.

What's the bad/good news?

So, I changed this section a little because the good news is also the bad news. This is a character talking and big feels volume and because of that is a little slow. There are plot threads being threaded in the background that I'm dying to know more about but I do also understand that giving the characters time to recover and really sort through their feelings is important. There are some great character moments because of this but it's defiantly a thin volume in other respects.

Would you recommend?

Yes, This was a quiet book but the series so far has played with my expectations and I look forward to seeing what other secrets Aki and the others uncover.


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