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I Became the Secretary of a Hero! Vol. 2

Why did I start reading it?

Requested a review copy as soon as Cross Infinite announced it. I was happy to carry on this series!

What is it?

Office worker Aki came home one day to find her sister being kidnapped! She threw herself through the portal to save her and finds herself in a fantasy world where she has to join up with the hero to save her sister.

What are the characters like?

I love them all!

Aki, Elias, Leo, Johann, Mina, Louis and Sutcliff. No complaints they are all lovable in some way or another and I want them all to be happy.

Anyone particularly cool?

Last time I said Leo was my fave, that changed to Johann in this volume. Leo is still his cool self but every scene Johann was in was pretty crazy. Everyone has it pretty bad at some point in this book but I feel like Johan had it bad consistently. There was just this group of chapters where it was like Leo dodging traps, Elias and Aki dodging slimes, Johann? Johann is back at the inn fighting *spoilers*. I wanted to jump in and protect this boy, he needs a break! Overworked healer!

What's the bad news?

When it comes to explaining the RPG elements in this world I do feel like it goes a little overboard and treats the reader like an idoit at times. Things like elemental advantages, levels, resistances, sometimes it just feels a little too explained when anyone with any knowledge about games wouldn't need the level of explanation the book gives.

And the good news?

You can tell, now that the author has gotten though the setup, they are ready to have fun. Just when you think you're getting a grip on how the seemingly generic quest/adventure is going to go you get curve balls! It's great.

And I don't know if it's me that's changed in two years or it's just better in the book but the romantic side is much more entertaining. I'm honestly scared for what Aki and Elias have in store for them next book after what's happened and that's because this book has got me so invested in them. I want to see them be happy together so bad.

Would you recommend?

YES! Stepping up on the romance and action, Secretary of a Hero 2 is a ride you won't want to get off!

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