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Note: This book is currently not available in English. I read a fan translation online but also have supported the official release by buying a physical copy when I took trip to Japan.

Why did I start reading it?

I love the fate series

What is it?

Reaching the peak of fate madness Fate/Requiem is a world where everyone and their grandma has a servant. The exception to the rule is our protag Erice who makes a living killing servant who get out of line.

After getting hurt on a job she comes across a strange child servant and she is tasked with looking after him and finding out what she can about his identity.

What are the characters like?

All pretty likeable. Erice and her friend Karin have a really nice relationship. It's the outgoing fun one and the grumpy one but they love and support each other. I also love the kind and caring beast that is Karin's servant.

Anyone particularly cool?

Pran! Our little child servant! I love me a cute baby boy who. I just want to hug and Pran. S rank cuteness!

What's the bad news?

The bad news comes with the territory of fate. You know how is sci-fi moves they throw out a lot of buzz words when they are doing something so you get what they are doing but it's basically nonsense? Fate does this a lot with magic things. I don't quite understand it all but it's cool so I don't care.

And the good news?

The best parts of this book for me was the characters. The main focus of this volume was establishing the world and setting up the mysterious for later volumes but Karin, Erice, Pran and Karn's servant were a wonderful group to follow along as they explored and lived out their lives.

The action scenes at the end were pretty cool too and I appreciated some cameos from servants that have appeared in other fate series.

Would you recommend?

If you're pretty deep into the fate series then there's no reason not to jump into the rabbit hole while you're at it.

Want to read and support the official release but can't go to japan?

Little known fact is that supports international shipping. I highly suggest grabbing a physical copy of this so you can look at the illustrations:

You can also find the fan translations here:

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