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Bofuri, Vol 1

Why did I start reading it?

The anime made me smile so I thought the novel might too.

What is it?

Maple is pestered by her friend into starting a VRMMO with her. She's not a gamer so decides to put all her points in defence so she won't get hurt. Who knew this would lead to such a broken build?

What are the characters like?

There are pretty much only two characters in the book. Maple and the friend that pushed her into the game, Sally. We do meet a couple of other characters but the main chonk of the book is just the two and they are wonderful and loveable so it's fun to follow them.

What's the bad news?

If you are looking for any kind of drama or high stakes then this isn't the book for you. This book is nothing but fluff.

And the good news?

This book is nothing but fluff. It is a comfy, easy read. If the anime made you smile and you just want more of it then you won't regret revisiting Maple's adventures in book form. You also get to see some of the specifics about how her silly skills came about so that's fun. I look forward to more of her adventures.

Would you recommend?

If you just want to relax with a low stakes book where people are just having fun then you need look no further.


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