• Briony Rose Smith

Bibliophile Princess

Why did I start reading it?

After the extraordinary, the Ordinary and Soap left me feeling a bit burned out on fantasy sexism, I struggled to find another light novel to read. This one had the tag 'Strong protagonist' So I hoped this one might be alright.

What is it?

Eli, is also known as the Bibliophile Princess. She is engaged to the Prince and has been four years but for some reason, he has not pushed for marriage, despite them both being of age.

What are the characters like?

Honestly, except for the main characters, I didn't really remember anyone else's names

What's the bad news?

Once the first conflict is resolved I kinda started to find this book a little boring. I don't like insulting books, every one has someone's love and hard work penned into pages but this one just didn't grab me. There are some fun scenes here, some interesting ways the main character uses her book knowledge but despite a strong start, I can't say I was really invested.

And the good news?

Eli is an interesting character. A little too quiet for my taste but in her head, she's actually quite sassy and her seemingly endless knowledge is fun when she starts talking about it and blindsides everyone around her who assumed she was just another noblewoman. Also who can't get behind a character whose almost sole motivation is to hold onto as much reading time as possible.

Would you recommend?

If you love books and are looking for a romance with a bit but not too much will they, won't they, Bibliophile Princess may be the book you are looking for.


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