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2020...what a time, huh?

Hello, long time no post.

First I'd like to thank everyone for their patience. It's been a hard year. I wasn't planning on publishing this year but I still haven't made as much progress with my books or with content I wanted to create as I would have liked. It's been a balancing act attempting to keep my mental health steady through this weird time in human history along with trying to buy my first house this year. I just haven't had the same capacity to create as I usually do.

In terms of the house, we have found a place and had our offer accepted months ago but nothing moves fast this year, huh? It's been an uncertain waiting game for a long time now. We are very, very close to the end of the process but we are just too close to Christmas and New year. Places close and it's likely to be next year now before we can move. It's been so damn frustrating. I really, really wanted to be moved out before 2021 but it is what it is.

That said, I'm happy that I at least managed to get the first draft of Moon 5 done this year. It's currently about 1/4 of the way through its second draft and I'm happy to say I'm quite proud of how it's turned out so far. Even in just that quarter in I've been able to have some fun character and world-building moments and even my garbage, word vomit first draft has some little gem sentences in there. Tis gud.

I also look forward to getting back to Moon 6 also. The first draft of that bad boy is somewhere between halfway, and 3/4 of the plot I've planned so that shouldn't be far off the end of its first draft. I'll admit it's been a long time since I looked at it so I'll have to read through what I have first but, *touch wood* I don't think that will be too long into next year before the first draft of that is finished pending how long it takes us to settle into the new house.

So, as much as the year has been pretty terrible and things are a bit slow I just want to reassure people that things are indeed moving. If you want to see more details on my progress I'd suggest joining my Patreon. Even at the lowest band, you get access to posts on the timeline where I have been doing a kinda 'live tweet' editing diary thing so it really is the best place to keep track of my progress. I hope to go back to doing monthly updates and stuff on here again once I'm settled but currently just keeping up with Patreon is all I'm really able to handle.

Please be sure to look after yourself in this crazy time. I hope everyone stays safe and has a lovely Christmas and New year!

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