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Project Updates July 2019

Not much writing got done this month as I took a long break to try and get over some burnout. I'll go into more detail but long story short after a very encouraging event I've gotten back into writing and started planning ways to make Moon Girl and future books more successful.


Marketing Said encouraging even this month was Cox Con! And the reason it was so encouraging is over half the sales I made there were people buying Books 2 and/or 3 of Moon Girl. It was just so nice to have that confirmation that yes, people are reading my books. It can be so easy from my perspective to feel like I'm writing to the void but there were just some situations at con that put a big smile on my face. One person bought book Three and she just smiled and hugged it as walked away and one guy brought the first one, read a bit, then came back for the rest (Then left a nice comment on my last project update, I see you Jamie! Thanks for the support!) Thanks to that I've felt so invigorated to get back to my writing and push my books even more! To that end I've brought the most expensive marketing I've brought so far... it was a little scary to fork out that much cash but most of it was Cox Con profits so it was a re-investment into the business. Looking forward to seeing how the pans out. I've also had an update on the Audiobook. The voice actress has been busy with a show but her schedule is freeing up slightly and we should see some more progress next month.

Patreon/Ko-Fi So I've given this its own section because there's a lot to talk through.

Soon I'll need to pay for a recording studio with the audiobook, I'd also love to have the money to pay for professional editors and proofreaders to make my books the best they can be. I love doing this, writing and bringing a bit of joy to people who read it but paying for books, advertising and more is starting to impact on my savings. So! In order to keep me going and hopefully improve this I've launched a Patreon and a Ko-fi.

For those who are able to support me monthly here's what you can get from Patreon:

$1 a month: Good Citizen Tier - my eternal gratitude and personal thanks by e-mail

$5: Media Assistant Tier -everything above -access to Patreon feed that will have Q&A, sneak peeks and 500-word snippets on a theme every month

$10: Costume Designer Tier -everything above -able to suggest and vote for the next writing theme -Written thank you letter sent to you with Moon Girl Goodies (bookmarks and art prints) -entry into a monthly giveaway(This giveaway will include things like signed paperbacks, artbooks, merch and more)

$15: Coms Coordinator Tier -everything above -Your name in the thank you page of future published works -free ebook of your choice from my published works (can be saved for next Moon Girl book)

$25: Superhero! Tier -everything above -free signed paperback of your choice from my published works (can be saved for next Moon Girl book)

ALSO if you sign up before Monday 19th August at ANY TIER you get a patron exclusive ebook version of Moon Girl 1 Moon Rise which is the usual Moon Girl but it's pages are sprinkled with 19 sketches and art depicting characters and scenes. If this sounds good to you, you can sign up here:

I have also put up a ko-fi, mainly for those who may want to support me in a one off gesture rather than every month:

Any and all support is greatly appreciated.

Moon Girl 4 Stage: Beta reading Twiddling my thumbs on this still...

Moon Girl 5 Stage: Planning/First Draft Due to my break, I haven't hit my writing target on this but that's okay. I've worked on trying to write routinely rather than as and when I have time. Hopefully, this should help me manage myself better.


Next month I hope to have more solid dates on when the Audiobook is coming and should have the beta reader feedback on Moon 4 back and be back to improving and editing that.

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