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Project Updates June 2019

Release magic and machines on kindle this month!



Pretty much everything is in place for Cox Con this year. Not as fast as I would have liked I've managed to get my merch up together. I'll be armed with books, necklaces, keyrings and bookmarks! Check some of it out:

Other than that, Audiobook is making slow progress but my narrator is a busy lady so I can't say anything for dates. It's sounding great so far though!

I also gained a crap ton of twitter followers this month, finally figured out this whole engagement = followers thing and the whole, follow and follow back thing so, hopefully, said twitter numbers will help me in the future.

Moon Girl 4 Stage: Beta reading

The two beta readers I have left Moon 4 with are sadly pretty busy right now. One is looking to move house soon and the other just had a lot of stuff to do. Just gotta's torture...

Moon Girl 5 Stage: Planning/First Draft

I struggled writing this month. I got really lost on the plot. There's so much to keep track of 5 books deep but, armed with post-its I've managed to figure out my way through and just about hit my target. I'm not sure of quality right not but I just have to keep in mind that's what editing is for.

Other Stories

Magic and machines is out! 99p on kindle! I wouldn't say my book launch was successful but I'm still working this stuff out.


Sadly though, I've had to face the fact that I've hit some major writing burn out. I've managed to hit my writing target but, as much as I still love Moon Girl, every page is a struggle lately. I'm going to take a break next month, not sure for how long. I'll still blog, it's such a different style of writing that I still feel up to doing it but I'm going to avoid writing fiction for a while.

On the other hand, next month is Cox Con so, assuming last year wasn't some kind of fluke, that should cheer me up a bit and I can devote some of the brain power I won't be using on writing to focus a bit on marketing and how i can improve in that department.

P.S look forward to an ebook sale around Cox Con

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