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Project Updates April 2019

Project updates title for April 2019

This month went waaay too fast for me. Sure, I missed a week due to holiday but still. I managed to do a good amount despite that.


Marketing I got a bit sad and realised how much I need to step up my game with marketing. I've decided to pay for a bit of marketing every month. Just small things like maybe a fiver job or setting off a few adverts on Facebook or Amazon or something but this should help give my books a bit more a consistent boost. Twitter had an event called #IndieApril which I tried to take advantage of by tweeting my book at others and retweeting those who tweeted their book at me. It was a nice bit of give and take self-promotion and I discovered some new books to read too. Hope this happens again next year. I have also been working on some pretty new merch. Here's a little preview:

I road tested them at Wales Comic Con on the Sunday and they held together well but after the day you could see the glue a little so I need to do a bit of research as to the best glue to use and master the application somewhat before selling but love the look so far. (I'll open the online store again when their ready) The ball is also rolling on Moon Girl's audiobook! Currently going through chapter by chapter working on character voices and things. It's pretty fun to work on and I haven't read Moon 1 in ages so it's fun to experience it this way.

Moon Girl 4 Stage: Editing I've managed to kick myself into doing this again. As much as I wish it would it's not going to edit itself and if I'm going to hit the publishing targets I want to I needed to get moving. Though, I'm kinda glad I took a few months break from it. I feel much more refreshed going back to it now.

Moon Girl 5 Stage: Planning/First Draft I hit my writing target, just. Struggled a bit this month to hit my writing target but as soon as I hit it I could suddenly write easily. The whims of the writing gods are fickle I guess...

Other Stories Not really had enough time to write other stuff. I try not to write other stuff until I hit my writing target on Moon Girl but obviously that was kinda late this month. I'm still excited about the thing I am writing through and hope I can write enough to tell you about it later.


So in the next month I hope to have my merch figured out an my store re-opened. I'll likely have a sale when this happens so keep you eyes out!

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