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Project Updates March 2019

Project updates title for march 2019

March has been damn busy for me personally. I went to Liverpool Comic Con, I travel down the country to visit family and then I travelled the globe on my dream holiday to Japan but progress was surprisingly good.


Marketing I officially have a table at Cox Con! Woo! I've spent the last month planning what kind of merch and extra display items I will need for my expanded stock and look forward to putting it all together. My bank account is gonna hate me thought...

I mean...not sure if this fits with marketing but as of this blog post I'm opening myself up to review requests. I've made a page and hope that people who would like the books reviewed by me will use it to get in contact with me so it should be interesting to see what comes through.

Moon Girl 4 Stage: Editing ...I may have made 0 progress on this... In my defence, I have some decisions to make and I want to put off making them until I've gotten further into Moon 5. There are just some parts I'm not sure how much detail to go into so I need to see where how much the effect the plot of Moon 5 before I can really decide how to write them in Moon 4.

Moon Girl 5 Stage: Planning/First Draft Blasted through my writing target even though I had busy weekends and a week away which is impressive. I've been finding it so easy to write lately it's been really fun :) Just have to keep up the momentum

Magic and Machines Stage: Collating ...I've admittedly lost some confidence in this...I'm not 100% if I wanted to go ahead with the plan I have. Need to do some thinking.

Other Stories I actually have something writeable and it's great. I'm not going to say much about it but I got a good bit written and have a really solid plan!


Next month I'll be moving forward with the audiobook and start getting stuff together for CoxCon. I have many plans! I hope you can look forward to. I would love to hear from you about merch though. I've been toying with ideas for keyrings, badges and/or improved necklaces.

What kind of merch would you like to see? Throw you suggestions at me in the comment section below!

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