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Project Updates February 2019

Project updates title for February 2019

A decent month with something very exciting and unexpected happening.


Marketing Story time. So, every so often my team at work goes out for drinks. It was pretty fun and we had a laugh. One of the guys brought his fiance and we got talking. Turns out she had just finished a drama degree and has an interest in audio work. After mentioning my book and asking if she would do an audiobook for it she agreed! I've been spending a bit of this month going back and forth of what is needed and she's spent time reading the book. I've always wanted my books to get audio versions, mainly because that's one way I really enjoy reading but getting it done when you're not able to record it yourself or have a limited budget is hard for a small indie author like myself. I mean, the budget might still be an issue with this way of doing it but it will still be better than other options and I'm looking into funding. I'm hoping to get a sample from her in the next few months to see if she is the right fit (though from talking to her I like her voice so I'm sure it will be good) and then it's off to plan dates and things. I'm just so excited to have this opportunity just fall into my lap I'm just blown away by it!

In other news I've been working on my social media a bit more so hopefully you'll see an improvement in frequency and quality of posts soon.

Moon Girl 4 Stage: Editing I have been so lazy with this...buuut after the whole thing that I just talked about in the marketing section I felt a big burst of motivation and have set myself some deadlines and targets for editing Moon 4. I've managed to hit that deadline this month and if I can keep them I should be able to get Moon Girl 4 to beta readers May-ish time.

Moon Girl 5 Stage: Planning/First Draft My god is this fun to write right now! I have literally been planning for this book for years and it's just so so satisfying for things to get into place, twists to be revealed and characters to join. There's so much happening. It's such a wild ride! In terms of actual progress though, and not just me fangirling over my own stuff, I've gone super sayan 2 this month and pushed further beyond my writing target. I've done about 10 pages over my actual target which is great 'cause it should balance out the fact I won't get as much time to write next month with my holiday coming up.

Magic and Machines Stage: Collating At the moment with Magic and Machines, I'm just working on getting the art together. I've caught up with improving the art I had already done so it's just a case of drawing one or two more to go with it. I'll share with you one of the pieces here since I'd one I have already shared on social media before I don't mind showing the improvement:

Other Stories I've had a few ideas for other stories but nothing I can really release without thinking of a better plan and I'm just too busy with life stuff right now to be able to do that.


So next month I'll be coming back from holiday and be able to start planning for the year. I'll be able to start putting stock together for cox con, pushing forward with the audiobook and Magic and Machines! There will be much progress so keep your eye out!

My Online store will also be closeing for a while soon. As a heads up, I'll be closing it on the 7th of March and re-opening on the 14th of April.

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