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The Magnus Archives Season 2

Statement of Briony Rose Smith concerning her thoughts and feelings after completing the second season of The Magnus Archives podcast. The statement will try to avoid spoilers but as this is the second season it may be difficult to highlight changes and improvements without giving away something. You have been warned. Statement Begins

I usually start these things with a 'Why did I start listening to it?' section but I think my statement about the first season is enough of an answer to that.

What is it? The Magnus archives is a horror podcast where Johnthan Simms, head archived of the Magnus Archives, London, attempts to catalogue statements taken from people about weird paranormal happenings. The fallout of last season has left John in a state of paranoia. It has become clear that his predecessor has been murdered and John suspects those closest of being responsible.

What are the episodes like? In the same way as before John records a statement and a results from a follow-up investigation but now we have a supplemental section where John catalogues his investigations into the murder of his predecessor. Overall episodes are the same high quality as ever (other than the old recorder sound, obviously). The writing just keeps improving. I'm blown away by how many little creepy situations the writer can come up with and how they are slowly weaving together this universe.

Any Particularly cool? Ooh, too many to mention again! The introduction of Section 31 and any statements from the 'Sectioned' officers is interesting. In worlds like this you can't help but wonder how police haven't noticed stuff like this when they are the ones that get called for murders and disappearances but this explains it nicely and I was intrigued by the characters is brought in by this strand of the story. I really liked Binary too. For the most part, these creepy stories revolve around books, old places, artefacts which makes sense, things like that have history you can use, but Binary was a tech-based story which reminded me of creepy pasta's I used to read when I was younger. Sonic.exe sort of story. It was really interesting.

Bad news? It's hard to keep track of the overall story at times. There are a number of different threads and stories going on, so when a name comes up I'm straining to remember if that person has been mentioned before and when. John is normally pretty helpful at the end and points it out if we have seen the name before but then only explains where with a case number that means nothing to me. It makes sense in term of plot but I'd love it if he said '( case number), that strange music case'. Just something to jog my terrible memory for names would be nice.

Good news? It feels like we're starting to get a grasp on this world. It doesn't change how horrific and terrifying it all is but it feels like we are starting to see things come together. This season added more characters, had characters come back and follow up on some of what they had seen. Nearly every statement has some kind of piece of the puzzle that gives both more of a story but mostly more questions. It's just been so fun to listen to. You feel like a detective trying to piece together a mystery. So, I guess the good news is that the great quality of the writing and acting in this season lives up to the last and makes me excited to see what is to become of these characters in this institute in London. Also, I love Martin, he is best boy.

Would you Recommend? Yes! The series continues to light my imagination on fire!

Statement ends


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