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Project Updates January 2019

Happy new year guys! I hope your 2019 has started off well! I know it's a bit earlier than usual for this writing update but I'm not quite finished with the post I'd originally planned for today so I thought I'd just let you know slightly earlier what's going on behind the scenes:



Honestly I haven't really done anything in terms of marketing this month. I've put some plans together but my main issue has been money. I've had some car trouble this month and have a big holiday coming up in march so I'm putting off most of my marketing plans on hold until I come back from that holiday in April. I might do some giveaways and sales but nothing exciting for a bit.

I can at least say that thing are looking good for a vendor table to Cox Con again this year. It was such a blast last year and I've heard back from them that they are happy to have me back. I don't want to say it's offically until I've handed over the money but it's looking good and I'm super excited!

Moon Girl 4

Stage: Editing

Nothing has moved on this. I've been taking a well needed break from Moon 4. I'm happy with the feedback I received and know what to think about when going through my next draft. Honestly it's a bit daunting the amount of editing that needs doing on this bad boy but I'll climb that mountain!

Moon Girl 5

Stage: Planning/First Draft

I actually managed to hit my writing target this month! yay! Happy with how this first draft is coming along so far. There's been so much sad feels but also some wholesome chats too, it's really fun. I've been looking forward to these events for literally years so it's pretty exciting managing to get to this point.

Magic and Machines

Part Six, the final part of Magic and Machines is out!

It's completed and free to read on this blog or on Tapas but that isn't where the journey ends for this story.

I plan to publish Magic and Machines in a light novel style for kindle and paperback. I'm not sure when I can complete this as I got a graphics tablet for Christmas and have been improving my art. I'll also probably go through another proof read while putting it all together. Look forward to an illustrated novel of Magic and Machines. Here's a little preview of the images I have been improving:

Other Stories

... I have nothing for this section...

There are many things I want to write but haven't really and the chance. Maybe next month I'll have something.


Next month my to do list is:

-Magic and machines art

-Writing Target

-Drag myself back to editing Moon 4 (likely kicking and screaming.)

Sounds like fun. Hope you have a nice Feb!

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