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Project Updates December 2018

Last month of the year. 2018 has been a good year for Moon Girl. Moon Girl 3 launched and I managed to make on average double what I did last year. I've taken quite a few lessons from the events of last year and hope to be able to push Moon Girl and other books to be even more successful in the future!

But until then here's how December went:



I had a Christmas sale this year, launching the ability to buy Moon Girl 3 signed along side it. No sales during that time but hey, ho.

With friends and family around this time I don't really have the capacity to push Moon Girl too much around Christmas which is a bit of a shame. Maybe next year I should look into planning better and scheduling posts on social media or something to improve.

Moon Girl 4

Stage: Draft

So my friend has just finished reading through the rough draft of Moon Girl and the feedback is pretty much what I expected and it's not fun to be able to talk to them about all the things cause so much happened in this book and I love it! Anyway, I'll probably leave it to sit for a little while before I start editing again.

Moon Girl 5

Stage: Planning/First Draft

Moon Girl 5 is going alright. It's both fun and hard starting again from scratch. I'm excited to get to bits later on in the story so it makes writing what I am now a bit challenging but gotta get through! I got about 1 page off my usual monthly target which is better than I thought I was going to do to be honest. Want to hit it this month though and start 2019 off well.

Other Stories

The second to last part of Magic and machines is out now! I'm looking forward to the last part soon.

I got a graphics tablet for Christmas so I'm looking to improve some of the art I've been doing for magic and machines then I'll be looking to push it forward. How? Well you'll have to wait and see but I'm excited for the plans I have for this story.


I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Over the next month I'll be thinking about what I plan to do over the year. I've had a few ideas the past month and now 2019 is here I need to start putting dates and deadlines in for myself. To the Calendar!

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