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Project Updates October 2018

Happy Halloween!

Remember that Fiction class I said was was going to go to this month? Well it sadly, got cancelled. On the bright side that gave me more time on Moon Girl and boy, have I made some progress.



Marketing for Moon Gil 1+2 is going on right now!

To celebrate to pre-order and soon publishing of Moon Girl 3, Moon Girl 1+2 have been discounted to 99p/99c for this week only. Grab these bargains while they last!

Moon Girl 3: Guillotine Stage: Publishing

Moon Girl 3 is literally days away from publishing! You can find it on Pre-order on amazon right now! I can't say when the paperback will be out if only because it takes a while to go through the system and I can't set an exact release date for it. Best I can suggest is either subscribe to my e-mail newsletter or follow me on social media and I'll let you know as soon as I do.

Moon Girl 4 Stage: Second Draft

Admittedly Moon 4 has sat on the back burner as I've worked on the publishing of Moon 3 but with a week off work and the extra time from not having the fiction class I've been able to finish the first draft!

It took me 15 months, 432 pages and 89,026 words and honestly, I'm pretty proud of that. It's by far the longest thing I've manage to put together so far even if it's just a messy first draft for now. I'll be going over it a couple of times on my own now before I start letting friends read it for some general feedback. but yay! Much progress.

Other stories

You've been spoiled this month when it comes to my writing! Not only are you getting a whole book soon but October have you two free pieces on the blog.

First you had Part Three of Magic and Machines:

The party face a monster machine in this part, testing how they can work together as a team.

Then, for Halloween I managed to write something with...not really a scary theme but with demons and necromancers so I dubbed it my Halloween short story. A little stand alone piece called Contract Conflict.


Moon Girl 3 will be out in just under a week so my writing attention will be turning to making Moon 4 somewhat readable before I pass it to friends to get some second opinions. I also plan on starting Moon 5, or at least planning it.

I'll also be thinking about what kind of marketing and events I can do for Christmas/New year. If you have any ideas on what you would like to see, be it giveaway wise or maybe something I can do for charity feel free to comment.

Thanks for reading. it's been an exciting month. :)

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