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Project Updates July 2018

Hands down the most successful month as an Author so far!!



This month was a busy one mainly due to cons. I managed to get a last min vendor table to Cox con and nearly sold out of the stock of books I took with me. I took 30 and left with 3! Some people were even nice enough to come back and give me a bit of feedback after reading the first few chapters :)

Moon Girl 3: Guillotine Stage: Beta Reading

Yeah, I know still beta reading. I have at least gotten a copy back from one of my beta readers yesterday so I shall be going through that and have passed it off to my last beta reader. The cover is also on its way now.

Moon Girl 4 Stage: First Draft

Moon 4 is going strong and looks to be the largest Moon Girl yet. I'm expecting to finish around September if I can stick to my targets (and my characters stick to the plan)

Other stories

I haven't written too much other stuff this month. I nearly have a Moon Girl 2.5 short story draft together which I'm hoping to release as a teaser for Moon 3. I have also been cleaning up another short story to release as part of a summer reading event! Look out on my blog on August 21st for it.


As I said before I will be taking part in a reading event next month so keep your eye on it. Other than that I'm hoping to have the first chapter of Moon 3 available in the next couple of months :) Thank you for continued support.

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