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Project Updates June 2018

June has been a slow month but as you can see I'm posting this in July. The reason I postponed this update is because the things happening in June happened right at the end so I wanted to see how they went before reporting in.


Marketing So in the last week I ran a giveaway in order to try to pull back some e-mail subscribers after that atomic bomb that was GDPR. It wasn't as successful as I wanted to be but I can learn from it at least.

The second thing was I did an author feature day on a facebook group called "Navigating the Indie World". It's a great group for book bloggers and Indie authors to try network and make some friends. It's the first time I've done a facebook event like that and, despite thinking it would be stressful and scary talking to these strangers online it was actually kinda fun. :)

Moon Girl 3: Guillotine Stage: Beta Reading Yeah, I know, still in beta reading. I've gone through it again lately and am pretty happy with it. I plan to send it off to one more beta reader and just hope they get through it a bit faster. At the very least I plan to post the first chapter here soon. Also, I have contacted Mewa Chu who is willing to make an exception and still help me with the cover even though she's on hiatus! yay! So that cover is in the works.

Moon Girl 4 Stage: First Draft I've had an on-off relationship with Moon 4 at the moment. It's been a struggle at times as the story is meaty right now but really fun at the same time. I got to introduce a character I have been looking forward to this month.

Other stories Sadly, I do not have a random extra or another story for you this month. I do have a few other stories in the pipeline but they either need completing or planning. I hope to have a short story/novella done soon that takes place at the end of Moon 2 and sets up for Moon 3!


Next month is con season for me so we'll see how much I can get done. I'm currently pushing to have the first chapter of Moon Girl 3 available on the website to read soon but I can't make any promises on an exact date at the moment.

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