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Project Updates May 2018

It's not been an easy month this month. Real life has been busy. I've done my best and have at least stayed on track with progress!


Marketing I'm sure you're sick of hearing about it by now but GDPR came in this month. It has done a number of things for me: 1) It destroyed my mailing list... 2) Gave me the kick up the butt I needed to clean up my website.

In terms of point one, it's a shame but means I'm likely to run a giveaway again soon for some amazon vouchers or signed books etc so you can keep an eye out for that. While cleaning up the website you can see that I have taken away the previews and extra's section. I was planning to do this anyway as now I've figured out how blogging works somewhat I'm happy to release extras through that instead. Chapter previews will still have their own page, the way to get to them now is to go to my "Books" page and click "read the first chapter". Not sure what I'm going to do about the gallery now, probably have to stick to merch prints, sorry guys.

Speaking of merch, though, I've been having a lot of fun making little Moon Girl trading cards:

They're defiantly a work in progress but they've been fun to work on. I'm waiting on a few more materials before I can make a proper version. I also plan on getting together some small gold bells and making some Trick Bell Necklaces so be ready for those who have read Moon 2!

Moon Girl 3: Guillotine Stage: Beta Reading Moon 3 officially hit six months in beta reading...It's far, far longer than I wanted it to take so I'm a good way through going through it again myself before giving it to my last beta reader. I'm giving the first two until I've gone through it then going to ask for what they have gone through so far and just have to work with what I get.

Moon Girl 4 Stage: First Draft Moon 4 is going strong. I haven't been quite as fast at writing this month but it has been busy. I have, however, still hit my target for this month and look forward to writing more.

Other stories I mean, I didn't write it this month but I've posted one of the extras I have onto the blog for all to read. Matrix Boy is the start of Moon Girl 1 from Tim's POV. It was fun to write.

Other than that I've looked through some of my other stories and am know I need to hammer down some plots before they can make too much progress which is a shame.


This month wasn't great but all I can do is look forward to what's ahead. I'll be putting together a giveaway for newsletter signups soon! I'm a little torn on what to offer as prizes, whether it be signed books, Amazon vouchers, free items from my store up to a certain value.

If you have a preference please feel free to comment.

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