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Project Updates April 2018

April has been a really good month author-wise actually and not just because it's the month of my birthday.



So, two good things. One, I (should) have a table at Chester Comic-Con again! You can see me, buy books, get books signed like last time. I will likely have the same stock though I'm hoping to make some necklaces with little gold bells on for those who have read Moon Girl 2 ;) (I only say should because they have said that there is a chance they could rearrange the last min if necessary, so I'll announce again closer to the time when I'm 100%) You'll be able to get tickets later on in the year, here. Second is I have, somewhat, partnered up with my local geeky shop Netherworld.

They are the first shop to stock Moon Girl and have agreed to host signings and real live book events! I'm excited to get one sorted with them but am more likely to wait until the release of Moon 3 and have a real-world book launch! Exciting! They're a great shop that holds card game tournaments and D+D sessions. Follow them on their facebook page. (expect a newsletter on these subjects too)

Moon Girl 3: Guillotine Stage: Beta Reading Moon 3 has been in beta reading for a while now I know, but at the very least one of my beta readers came back and said that plot point I was worried about is handled much better in this version so after I get it back from them I'll do one more run or corrections before sending it over to my last beta reader. I plan on trying to get the blurb and cover sorted this month, also working on a short story that is set is Moon 2 that will lead to Moon 3 so keep your eyes peeled.

Moon Girl 4 Stage: First Draft I nailed Moon 4 this month. I was literally done with my monthly target within the first week of this month! It's going really well and hopefully, I can keep up the pace.

Other stories

As I do when I finish my target early I've dabbled in writing some other things. After it being mentioned in my writing group I've been attempting to write a short story. Best I came up with was what was really just a first chapter pretending to be a short story about a Wizard and her encounter with some strange people based on the writing prompt for this month. You can read it here.


Overall this month has been great. I've had some sales and feel I have made some real progress! As mentioned before I have plans for a Moon Girl short story based at the end of Moon Girl 2, hopefully, I'll find the time to write that. I plan on having a look at my previews and extras section and likely having a play around with the website again. So get ready for some changes. Thanks for reading!


This blog is teh best place to keep up with Moon Girl news. You can find all my updates so far here.

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