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Project Updates February 2018

Second month of the year! And it's really short. And I've been ill for like a week of it so generally not much progress this month.


Marketing I didn't have any marketing events this month, especially after burning myself out last month. My writing group's January session was on blogs and it helped me get some ideas on how to clean up my blog a bit. You should see shiny new categories now, a good attempt at getting a post out every Monday and posts that aren't just reviews. I have some ideas on what else to post (writing advice, writing prompts, character fact files etc) but if there is any specific content you would like to see feel free to leave it here in a comment and I'll see what I can do.

Moon Girl 4 Stage: First Draft I have been working on it but sadly this is the second time I've not managed to hit my writing target. Three reasons. One, February is a short month, there's not as much time to write. Second, I've spent a week of it ill. Third, things are getting hard to write for Moon 4. I'm approaching a turning point which leads to the established status quo being thrown out and starting the path to a world-changing event. It's a pretty scary shake up so it's slowed me down. I'll get there though, the show must go on.


I know it's a short update but things have been busy this month. I had more things planned but life and illness have stopped it. Next month I'll try to get back on my feet and play catch up a bit on what I wanted to do this month. Plan my cons for the next year and kick beta readers up the butt!

On the bright side I did at least pass my diving test this month which should help with transport to cons etc yay!

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