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Project Update January 2018

So my author career and Moon Girl became a whole-year-old this year! I won't blab about that here there's another post for that.


Marketing In celebration of Moon Girl's first birthday, I decided to run a month of giveaways and take the chance to test out different kinds of giveaways and see what worked. The first was a very successful FB giveaway for a signed copy of Moon Girl 1. It ended with 48 reacts, 25 comments and 33 shares, which is probably the most successful post I've had on the page. Even though it wasn't part of the competition I got about 20 new likes on the main Moon Girl page as well. Twitter didn't go well. Admittedly I expected that twitter as is about quick posts more than anything. I was screwed over by the fact I couldn't get twitter ads to work for some reason as well... After those two weeks though I'm sad to say I wasn't really feeling up to keeping up with the last two giveaways so they were very under advertised. If anything it was a good experiment. I learned that people on Facebook like free stuff a lot and I don't have the mental stamina to keep up with that many giveaways. Live and learn.

Moon Girl 4 Stage: First Draft I started the month with a bit of a block with Moon Girl. I was really struggling with the scene I was on and just couldn't picture it. A few weeks into the month and something clicked, The scene started to write itself. I ended up hitting my writing target for the month with time to spare. It's actually been really fun, a lot happened that even I wasn't expecting.

Police Work is Hell Stage: First Draft/Planning While I was struggling with Moon Girl I decided to have a break and think about some other stories, finally going back to my poor overworked sci-fi cop. I've actually had a good idea on where this story can go so hopefully I can make some more progress on it in the odd times I go back to write a bit more.


I don't have any particular plans for next month, this one was busy so I just plan on getting my head down to write and kick my friends/beta readers up the butt for feedback on Moon 3. There's a particular plot point I'm struggling with that is very important but a bit weird so I'm hoping I've fixed that compared to draft 1. I can't really give much of an indication to release dates of Moon 3 at the moment though, apologies. I also hope that I can announce any events I intend to sell at next month too. I'll keep you posted.


If you would like to read my other updates you can find them all here.

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