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Project Update December 2017

December is a busy month in real life. I wanted to maybe do a giveaway or at least advertise the indie advent calendar a bit more but I just haven't had time this month.


Marketing Moon Girl was in the indie advent calendar but that was about it over Christmas. Hopefully, I have more time to push on the marketing next year. At the very least I e-mailed Liverpool comic con about a potential Vendor table so *fingers crossed* I get that. I've been thinking about what cons and events I could go through this year. I was thinking about trying to get into Wales Comic Con in April but the pink power ranger could be there and my childhood will not forgive me if I pass up the chance to meet her. I'm pretty determined to do Chester again this year at the least.

Moon Girl 3: Guillotine Stage: Beta Reading So I finished going through Moon 3 again and sent it out to one of my Beta readers. I'm not sure if I'm happy with it yet, to be honest, so I'm waiting on some feedback from them before I push on it much more. This might push back when I plan to release it but quality is important. Also, it's called Guillotine! Sneaky Title reveal!

Moon Girl 4 Stage: First Draft I spent the day before Christmas Eve, armed with post-its, a pen and a wall and managed to hammer down how I think the story should pan out. I've had to cut out a character sadly but needs must. Hit a bit of a block when going to write it though. One page away from my monthly target which is a shame. Just means I likely need a break or need to think about something other than Moon Girl for a bit. Hopefully, I don't take too much time to recover and get back to it soon.


Next month will me Moon Girl's first anniversary and my first year as an author. To celebrate I'll be running giveaways all through the month! For more info check out the Giveaway page.

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