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Project Update November 2017

November has been an entirely Moon Girl focused month!



Marketing activities this month have included opening an online shop on this very site. If anyone is sad about missing out on anything I sold at Chester Comic Con you can now get your hands on it via the store. There is art, signed books and more, enjoy!

I'm also offering 10% discount to anyone who signs up to my newsletter.

Moon Girl 3

Status: Editing

After taking quite a long break from Moon 3 I've gotten back to it with renewed vigor. I've honestly lost track of which daft it is on but I hope to be through it and sending it off to beta readers by the end of December at least. Will be a Christmas present for them. I also need to decide what hero is going to be on the cover...

Moon Girl 4

Status: Draft 1

I kind of want to put '/planning' onto that because Moon 4 has been a bit of a struggle this month. There are plot lines appearing I didn't plan for and characters deciding to do different things but I guess that's half the fun of being an author. Just gotta keep writing and find my way out of the mess my characters have made. At the very least, even with a week off this month I managed to hit my writing target, if only just.


Bit of a short update this month but I was away for a week and things have really picked up at work so my free time has been a bit short. That considering I think I've done pretty well keeping up with my targets.

The prologue of Moon Girl 3 is going under critic tonight at my monthly writing group so that should give me some interesting feedback.

Next month is obviously Christmas. You should probably keep an eye on my twitter and Facebook as I would like to run a Christmas or New year give away. I've made a friend so I'll have something more exciting to give away.

Is there anything in the store you would like to see given away? Anything you would like to win? Feel free to comment or use the contact page to e-mail me.

Thanks for reading and your interest in my writing.

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