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Project Update October 2017

So October has been both eventful and not eventful. Sales wise it's not been great but progress wise I leveled up and am now a 2 book author! Woo! Moon Girl 2 is here!

In general marketing promotion, I did a giveaway of Amazon gift vouchers this month in exchange for e-mails. Thank you to everyone who entered and I hope the lucky winners got themselves something nice. Also with the release of Moon Girl 2 will be giving away Moon Girl 1 ebook for free until the 3rd. (so it's free right now there is a link a bit further down in the Moon 1 section).

Here's the progress on specific projects:


Moon Girl 1: Moon Rise

Stage: Marketing

Not too much to say on this one and will probably start doing a general Marketing section rather than a specific one now there is two books out. The only thing I really have to say about Moon 1 that I found it in my local library :D. I was super happy to find it and noticed it had been checked out once already!

If you haven't already got Moon Girl 1 you can get the free ebook here:

If you have read it and haven't already it would be a big favor to me if you could leave a review on or Amazon. I would love to hear your feedback.

Moon Girl 2: Bell Toll

Stage: Publishing/Marketing

It's been published!!! Yay!!! I'll do a different more focused blog post but all the effort have payed off and Moon Girls 2 is out into the world. Now I just have to market lots.

You can buy it here:

Once again if you could kindly review on or Amazon that would be great :)

Moon Girl 4

Stage: First Draft

Hit the writing target and plans are going off the rails as usual. Got to add a new villain I wasn't planning on though so that's fun.


Stage: First Draft

I actually wrote some of this this month...not much but some.

Policework Is hell

Stage: First Draft/ Planning

I've been struggling with this story lately. I've been trying to pin down the overall plot and characters so it's still very much in the planning stages more than anything (dispite it already being 77 pages long...). I think I have a good idea for the overall plot now so it's now down to ironing out characters and actual story outline.

World Dungeon

Stage: First draft/Planning

I really like this story and it's characters but I need to pull the breaks on it completely and improve what's there before I go any further with it. I'm learning more and more I'm not great at first person so I think this story is going to take a lot of work and improvement before I'm happy with it. I also want to strip out any and all swearing and have at least one clean book out of them all....

World Dungeon is a challange but it's been a fun one.


Lately I've been looking into setting up an online shop to sell off left over stock from comic con. I'm mainly looking a starting up an etsy store but I'm on holiday for a week this month and won't be near a computer that entire time so I might not get it set up this month. I hope to have to open before christmas at least.

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