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Chester Comic con

Sunday the 24th I was at Chester Comic Con! It was my first time attending a convention as a vendor and I'm so happy it got to be in my local town.

This was Chester Comic Con's second year running so it's a relatively small and new con but this year was much bigger than the last.

Overall it went well. I didn't quite make up the money I spent on the table but I wasn't far off and that's pretty good for my first try at vendoring.

I enjoyed the experience behind a vendor table at a con. I was a bit worried about this social interaction thing but I managed. Me and my boyfriend struggled to find when was the best time to say hi and try talk to people and when it was best just to let them browse.

I also found it awkward when young children showed interest in things on the table because as much as they can buy a print or necklace I can't let them buy a book unless they are at least in their teens due to bad language. Most of the kids at least were very well behaved, Parents kept a close eye though one did try to run off with bunny Tim.

It was nice though. My biggest problem with cons is the crowds but having a table between me and the rest of the con gave me room to breathe. After I got past the nerves I felt quite relaxed, I had time to draw and just watch the world go by which is fun when they world includes cosplayers. I felt just as tired after though, despite not walking around much lol.

I was a bit disappointed no one recognised my fate ladies:

but as I expected there were quite a few people who came to my stall just to look at this boy:

Bakugo was the only print to sell on his own and is officially the first piece of my art that has ever been paid for so, art level up I guess. I did sell a mystery art print pack and got some nice comments on my art so that was nice. I've never really considered myself a good enough artist to sell so I was a bit nervous about putting my art up but people were nice, it made me happy :)

In terms of bookmarks hands down Dreda was the most popular. I gave away a free bookmark with each book as well as selling them separately. Three people left with Dreda and two people left with Selena pushing Lani down to third in the bookmark race.

I can also say I had an eye-catching stall. People might not have been buying much but when my friends were talking to people many remembered me as the 'very purple' stall which is good. I stood out and got attention. I might not have gotten a tone of sales but many took leaflets and business cards so at the very least I got my name out there.

It didn't go terribly and I feel like I could do it again so I'll be looking into other cons to do. I'm not sure I will do another one this year and would still like to do a small one before I even consider an MCM.

If you missed out on Chester Comic Con I have stock left and will likely run a giveaway with them soon so keep your eyes out.

Thank you to anyone who came to see me and to anyone who bought the book I sincerely hope you like it. If you could leave your feedback on Amazon or Good Reads I would highly appreciate it.

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