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Cox Con 2019

The wonderful, magical weekend that is Cox Con is over and I had such a great time!

Cox Con is a con like no other. There is no other con where you can feel so relaxed and meet such friendly people.

The Venue: Telford International Center is a great venue for a con and I will be forever salty that MCM no longer hosts there. It's got great parking, places to rest and relax outside of the halls and convenient shops and restaurants right outside. Cox Con only really uses half of the large space it has to offer and even just that is enough to give attendees plenty of space to spread out a relax.

The Events: Now, since I was in the vendor hall I didn't get to go to many of the events going on but, the vendor hall closes at six and that's when the last panel starts so I get to catch Scary Game Squad and the Jackbox game pannels. Scary Games Squad was wonderful. There was some wizardry going on in the background that somehow made a game terrifying to watch even when you're in a hall with hundreds of people. The atmosphere was incredible, we were laughing and screaming along with everyone else. It's such a wonderful experience. The Jackbox pannel was also great. It's fun to have the audience get involved and have all the guests together for one final gaming session. Also Jessie's artist Dan makes the pannel by adding bits of art to depict what madness is going on at the time. Like Scary Game Squad, the atmosphere is amazing, though it always makes me want to just attend again so I can understand the memes of the year and chants of the audience.

The Loot: I mean the best loot to buy was my books, obviously... But other than that the loot was pretty good. I don't think there was as much as last time but there were so many dice! I couldn't help myself and grabbed the shinest dice I could:

This picture does not do their shininess justice! There was so much D+D themed stuff this year it was great!

Vendor life: Vendor life was both very exciting and very boring. The boring side was when there was a panel and 90% of the con was in that panel so the vendor hall was dead. I made some friends with fellows vendors at this time though which was nice. The most exciting part about it was people coming to see me. Many of the faces I remembered from last year and many of those people were coming to buy Moon Girl 2/3 to complete the collection they started last year. It was really nice to see that people enjoyed my work so much. One person brought the first book, read a bit of it and came back for the rest an hour or so after lol. It's been a nice, validating boost to my confidence that I sorely needed an I'd like to throw out a thank you to all those wonderful people who brought something from me. I'm so grateful.

The boring time also gave me a lot of time to draw so here are some of the drawings I did and mostly managed to colour on my phone:


With returning customers at this con, I hope to get a table again next year. Thanks to all the organisers for another wonderful year of Cox!

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