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Wonderful Woman indeed(spoiler free)

So I went to see Wonder Woman! Here are my spoiler-free thoughts in a slightly different format due to movies being shorter.


Why did I go to see it? Because this is the first movie in the latest wave of superhero movies to not have a straight white male as the lead so hell yeah I'm going to the cinema to support this movie! Also, Gal Gadot is a beautiful lady.

What is it? Not sure I need this section but for those who are not aware, Wonder Woman, Diana, is the princess of the Amazons. She grew up on an island hidden away from the world by the gods, trained harder than any Amazon before her for a Destiny kept hidden from her. The world outside invades this small bubble in the form of an American Spy, Steve Trevor who brings with him news of the war to end all wars ravaging the world. Diana is unable to sit by knowing what is happening and sets out with Steve to stop the war and save the world!

What's the bad news? So I'm going to get this out the way quickly. Honestly, though I enjoyed the movie, but it didn't overall blow me away. There was one part that did but it was pretty early on in the film the rest didn't quite add up which was a shame. Also, I was sad that when Wonder Woman did something cool they used the theme they have been using in the justice league trailers. I wanted her to have her own badass theme song. :(

Good news? Is there any? It's DC... Allow me to make you forget all about that bad news I just gave you because there are lots good things about this film. I did enjoy it. Unlike Suicide Squad or Batman vs Superman where you can kind of see where they have cut things out or had to change things, this one is a solid movie with a solid narrative.

Diana herself was a wonderful character to follow. She grows up on an island cut off from the world and we get to see her full wonder, and disgust at times, as she experiences our world. We get to see her first time seeing the opposite gender, London, ice cream. Diana is so innocent of the great war ravaging the world and the social norms of the time it's downright adorable and generally funny. There is a part where she and Steve are cornered in the street. As is the belief of the time he is pushing her behind him, doing what the gentlemen of the age would do and protect the lady. Then of the thugs shoots at them and she blocks it with a gauntlet(bracelet? not sure which one to call it). That moment of realisation on his face is great. He has a moment of 'wait...she can kick more ass that I can...'. I don't think many men of that age would have taken it as well as Steve did but I was glad they didn't drag that out. They had enough historical sexism to prove it was there but was willing to push it aside sometimes for plot's sake which is a plus in my opinion.

The character arc for Diana was also well played. That innocent bubble sadly had to pop at some point and as heartbreaking as it was to watch it was well done. She desperately she tried to cling to her simpler view of the world and Gal Gadot did a good job of showing the agony it caused her to realize that human can just be bad people. I think it's a somewhat topical. There are a lot of things going on at the moment which makes people question the morality of humanity, so to have a movie right now that teaches people to stand up and be a good person through it all. To embrace love over hate when there is tragedy all around is just what the doctor ordered right now.

Her supporting cast was varied and interesting. They didn't get too much time sadly but they each added something to Wonder Woman's experience. They all had something or some line that made her stop and think and did well to build their character with very few lines.

The Villian. Oooh, the Villian. I won't tell you who they are but I will say the movie leads you to a bit of a guessing game with them. They hint it's this person, then this person then I got to the end and I was like WTF It was that person?! I mean there aren't too many characters so I was very very impressed that I didn't manage to guess the true villain. I didn't see it coming and I applaud the movie for completely throwing me. I didn't even consider the person it turned out to so have fun with that :)

Lastly, Diana was a badass as she should be. The stunts she accomplished, the charges she pulled off. Yes, there was a lot of slow-mo but it was used in the right moments. The Amazon's training at the start was fantastic to watch. Acrobatic and graceful fighters, the choreography of all the action sequences are just, amazing. Diana herself is a beautiful flower of the battlefield that no one can add up to. She makes full use of all her weapons, sword, shield and lasso, even showing off her hand to had skills. She's strong, she's fast and she can kick your ass!

Would you recommend? Hell yes. Even if you guess the villain and the story don't interest you there is no way you do not gong to enjoy these beautiful strong women and the amazing spectacle fighting they pull off. I suggest it for all.

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