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Liverpool Comic Con

So last weekend I attended Liverpool comic con and it was super fun :). I met some new people, saw some wonderful cosplays and spent far too much money, all signs of an awesome con.

I have been to a few MCM comic cons before but I have to say I was impressed with this one. The venue it's self was huge! It was nice to go round a con and feel like I didn't get to see everything in one day. It's not normally something that happens except for maybe Birmingham Comic Con.

It was also very well organised. I had my driving theory on the first morning (and passed :) ) so I got there a bit late but had priority entry. It was so well signed that finding the right way into the con for people with my type of pass was a breeze and by the time I got there I could basically walk straight in it was great.

The stage was well was well done, even if the sound guys needed to pay more attention, I liked how they got some of the lights going for the dance performances during the cosplay masquerade.

Down side, I didn't get as many cosplay pics as I would have liked but I'm happy with the ones I found:

This is Saber from fate series. She's one of my all time favourite characters and this cosplayer did really well on the armour details :) I was sad she didn't place in the masquerade but I made sure to make a lot of noise for her.

Sorey and Mikleo from Tales of Zestria. My favourite from his game is Mikleo so I had to get this picture and I love the pose they pulled for me :) silly ruin nerds ^^ I actually have a Mikleo cosplay but I may or may not have to loose a bit of weight before I can were it...

(Mikleo was Nicole Delia Sullivan and Sorey was Emma)

Normally this character looks like Saber from fate but in red but this guy did an awesome job making a generbent version of Red Saber/Nero from the fate series. ^^ (cosplayer is: David Ako we think)

(If any of these cosplayers see this blog get in contact and I'll update this with your names!)

and now! The Loot!

I got a pretty new hair accessory:

doom doom doom. doom doom doom.

and there were lots of badges, a few for free :) :

Lots :)

but the best bit of a con for me, is the comics:

I love buying comics from artist alley. I love the ideas and variety of artworks.

In this collection we have the adventures of the ninja fu as he battles the great noodle dragon and goes on a quest for the greatest lemons. (twitter: @KenMcFarlane)

Jeff! the superhero with board game themed powers. ( Twitter: @deathbulge )

Swordless, with a beautiful watercolour cover I could not say no to. (facebook: @kidura)

A Dark forest which, I'll be honest, I don't know what it's about yet but the art stood out to me so I had to buy them all and find out. (Twitter: @katemiawhite)

Fearless is a sadly short one but the art is beautiful, I love the dragon age Inquisition esk style and I also got sketchbook with it :) (twitter: @deuxdel)

And last but not least Experience the Magic of Legend. A comic full of D+D jokes. (By a dude called Authur Goodman but I can't find a social media for him sorry)

Buuut as much as I love these comics, the best thing I got was a commission. I was determined to get a commission of Moon Girl at the con. It's a great opportunity to find an artist who could maybe show me Dreda in a new light And I found the perfect one:

Is this not the most adorable thing you have ever seen in you life?! She even has sparkles on her gloves, moon and eyes :D this makes me so happy! Everything this artist did is so adorable, I'm not kidding, here's her site:

I will try get a better picture of Moon Ghost scanned in for when it comes to news letter and update time. If you want to see the updated pic of Moon Ghost and read my second Moon Girl world extra get yourself signed up on this website for all the Moon Girl goodies!

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