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New Author Report

It's literally been about three weeks since I became an author and I'm still getting my head around it. It hasn't been long but I've already had some ups and downs. It's been stressful and fun all at the same time.

First things first, if you saw any of my social media you would know that Moon Girl One kindle version was free for five days. Overall the promotion was a success, over a hundred copies were downloaded so that's over a hundred people that are hopefully reading my work. Very exciting (very scary...).

I've had some good feedback in the last week. Only from a few people I either know or know through someone but the important thing about this feedback is that these people have never read anything I've written but the still seem to love it :). Dreda is apparently 'beyond awesome', characters free real and I have another deck hand on the FrigidMoon ship. I'm just over the moon(no pun intended) to know people are enjoying it and I hope more than anything that I can live up to that expectation with the second book, though I'm glad I have time to take on the constructive criticisms and go through it again.

So, the kindle version is back to £3 and I'm back to trying to make money. I'm hoping that I can get some promotional material together to be able to attend a comic convention of some kind sometime in the summer so maybe see you there.

In the mean time, if you have been enjoying Moon Girl, you should get yourself signed up on my site. Click the sign up button to get access to previews, extras and the gallery! I'll be releasing my first extra piece of writing in the Moon Girl universe on the 3rd to celebrate Moon Girl's first month on sale! I'll give you a tease for now. It's going to be called Matrix Boy. I also need to get started on that newsletter at some point...

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