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2018 Summer Anime Impressions

Summer feels like it's been here for a year already if you look at the weather but the anime has not long started its summer season.

What I'm watching this season is a short list, everything has been pretty spread. Things are hard to track down or starting late so I'll add a bit on the end for anime I have tried and not agreed with this season and ones I'm looking to start.

Cells at work

The anime for Biology nerds, Cells at work makes an anime of our bodily functions...That about covers the plot...It mostly illustrates how our body deals with various illness and infection.

Its an entertaining anime with silly over-the-top action. I personally find it a bit hard to keep up with. When a new cell is introduced it's explained but since I can't understand Japanese I have to try read a large chunk of subs which for someone who is a bit slow at reading can be a struggle. I either need to give up reading them sometimes or really focus.


Angels of Death

An anime based of an RPG maker horror was what I needed in my life. Angels of Death has been on my steam wishlist forever.

The anime is weird but in a way I completely expected. Rachel is trapped in some kind of basement and has to escape various insane serial killers including Zack who she eventually teams up with to try escape.

They are a funny duo. I worried at times that Rachel's deadpan would be a bit boring but because Zack is so over the top they balance each other well.


Both of these anime can be found the in the convenient hole that in Crunchyroll. Other's I've either tried or haven't got around to are here:


The animation is this is Is SO PRETTY!

Me and the other half just got really behind on this one and it's hard to catch up. I'd like to keep watching it but it's full of teenage angst which makes it a bit too heavy for me to binge. I'll get back to it soon hopefully.

(found on Crunchyroll)

Happy Sugar Life

I heard this is a misleading thing that end up some Yanyan horror so I would like to check this one out. Sadly because of Amazon I didn't know where to find it until I looked it up specifically. (Amazon prime) I haven't gotten round to it but I'm interested in seeing the insanity of a good old terrifying pink haired girl.

Lord of Vermillion: Guren no ou

So much happened in the first episode of this... So much...

First, there was a flash forward of a huge cast killing each other with superpowers then a city was put to sleep (It wasn't Apex) then the main guy woke up and his home was attacked while it shoved Shakespear up your nose...

I didn't know what to think. From what I could tell it looked like it's was trying to be the shounen anime Romeo and Juliet but just wasn't sure what to think after that first episode....

(Crunchyroll if you want to brave it)


There's also Attack on Titan...if anyone is still excited for that.

But mostly I'm still watching the leftovers from last season (My Hero Academia, Persona 5, Gundam Build Divers, Steins Gate 0. Also Voltron just came out...there's a lot isn't there?)

But other than that that's it for me for this season. Let me know if there is anything I've missed and what you're watching.


Last Season was better. Here are my thoughts on them.

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