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Grand Order Servant Wishlist, top 10

Fate/Grand Order is fun app game I probably spend far too much time on. I've been wanting to blog about it for a while but by the time I want to blog about an event I feel like the time has past and there are better places to get your info on those (the reddit). So, for now, I'll tell you about the servants I'm hoping to summon this year and why.

For the record, this list is not based on their tactical advantage, in fact, I'm not likely to mention that at all...

So in reverse order, my most wanted servants that are either coming out or are already out this year. (I wouldn't be able to decide 10 if I didn't limit myself at least a little.)



I had Rama on one of my JP accounts and always loved his card art and design. The shading on his hair makes it look like fire. Then after playing America on NA I actually got to know his character a bit and found he's pretty cool.

Awesome character and awesome design, what's not to want?

Also Rama bag



I'm a bit of a sucker for a knight in shining armour(literal kind not the internet kind) and that is Gawain in the nutshell. He's pretty cool and I love his final outfit but admittedly I mainly want him to because he's a discount husband (proto Arthur is the true husband).



Beause Rin. I mainly want Ishtar so that I can collect all three of the main fate ladies. Also, ser fires planets at people, how cool is that?!



My badass Celtic big sister has yet to come home (admittedly I haven't rolled as much as I could have for her due to saving for Artuias) She's a character I look up to as this strong, amazing lady. I wish I could have an ounce of her badassery. (I also wish I knew how to properly pronounce her name...I tend to shorten it to Scath)



Gil is an ass who doesn't deserve my love but he's damn fabulous and has it anyway...


5-Martha Ruler

Dragon punching wife!


4-Baby Gil

Little Gil has illuded me which is annoying as I need him to complete the holy trinity of Fate Shouta's with Alex and Hans



Mo is my baby boy who is lost and needs to come home right now. I mean...she probably doesn't want to come home because I have her dad but that doesn't mean I won't give you all the love you deserve.

Come home Mo-chan!


2-Lancer Artoria

Wife with the big boobs. I need Lancer Artoria to active my dream of having a support list of entirely Artoria (except for Caster where I will have to settle for Nero or maybe Merlin(who am I kidding? it will still be Hans)). I also love the design of this grown-up Artoria. Sure, the boobs are over the top and a little off-putting but her smile in her final ascension card is so beautiful it makes me melt. Wife looks so happy.


1-Archer Saber

Another happy version of wife. Fun in the sun firing swords from her water pistol, what's not to love? I even have a figure version of this very pic ready as a catalyst. Bring on summer!


So that's my wishlist for servants this year. I'm sure if you follow me on twitter you'll be able to tell if I achieve them. Here is a small list of other servants I considered for this list:

Cu Alter - puppy collection Xansang - Cheerful booby monk yay! Tamamamo - mi-pon! (also her final sprite is damn pretty) Artoria Alter - wife collection Lancer Artoria Alter - wife collection


If you're interested in hearing me blog more about Grand Order please leave a comment and let me know. My only other blog post about this life sucking love in my life is a review of the game overall that you can find here.

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