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2018 Spring Anime Impressions

Happy Spring! I hope the weather has been better where you are than here in the UK where it can't decide between snow, rain and sun recently....

I've given it a few episodes and I'm ready to give you my thoughts on what I'm watching this season! (I'll also give a heads up as to where you can find an official release)

Gundam Build Divers I'm mainly watching this because of my boyfriend. He loves Gundam and I'm all for a good old giant robot fight so I'm partaking in this one with him.

Gundam Build Dive is based in a future version of our world where Gundam nerds can build their Gundam with model kits and enter them into a VR world where they can piolet and battle them which is pretty cool. I'd be 100% more into Gundam if this was the case.

There's nothing particularly grabbing about the plot yet but the characters are cute and the robots are cool so what more do you need?

You can watch this subbed on youtube or Crunchyroll

My Hero Academia Do I need to say much on this one? Deku and friends are back with for their well-deserved third season.

You can find Deku on Crunchyroll

Magical Girl Ore I had to watch Magical Girl Ore as soon as I heard about it. In a surprisingly realistic take on fighting demons our main characters, rather than transforming into cute outfits that wouldn't help at all, transform into large muscular men and literally beat the shit out of demons, blood and all. It's a great subversion of the genre that breaks out from the usual dark death game subversion (it's funny how that has basically become its own genre at this point...)

I'll also say I think they have handled their gay character very well. She basically acts like I would expect a male character to act in the same situation so A+ on representation.

You can find the craziness that is Magical Girl Ore on Crunchyroll.

Magical Girl Site And here is said Magical Girl sub-genre, Magical Girl Site. Luckily I have am a fan of this sub-genre so I'm in. In this dark tale where creepiest magical girl mascot in the world appears before unfortunate girls thought their computer. He offers them the chance to become magical girls though if the anime was anything to go by it wasn't much of a choice, the main characters magical 'stick' appeared in her locker the next day.

The story, in general, has been a bit slow but I think that pacing suites the show and I'm curious as to where it goes.

Magical Girl Site can be found on Amazon Prime.

Persona 5: The Animation I hammered the game when I heard there was an anime release on the way because I knew if I watched it and found out all the story I may not want to finish the game after.

Sometimes when I know the story beforehand though I don't enjoy the anime as much because I love the characters of Persona 5 so much I'm enjoying the anime anyway. It's doing a good job so far of getting through the main plot points, it feels a bit rushed but it is always going to when you try squeeze a game that can take 100 hours to complete into 24 episodes.

You can find Persona 5 on Crunchyroll.

Steins Gate 0 If you have not watched Steins Gate skip this section, the first episode assumes you are familiar with the series, even I felt like I should have gone back and re-watched the last series to remind myself of stuff.

Set in a future where Okabe failed to save Kurisu, the poor guy is going through some serious PTSD after looping to save Mayuri. The emotions from Okabe where what kept me in the main series and it's still strong here. I don't want to say more but if you enjoyed Stein's Gate you should enjoy this too.

You can find it on Crunchyroll.

Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online Gun Gale was a pretty cool setting in Sword Art Online so It's fun to think we got a whole series for it.

It's been interesting so far. Out cute protagonist has found Gun Gale is the only online game that gives her the avatar she's always wanted and though the game isn't quite her cup of tea she's worked at it and is now pretty good.

It's been interesting to see a bit more of Gun Gale and learn a bit more about this worlds VR systems. The main character is pretty loveable so far so I'm looking forward to where it goes.

And that's about it for me this season. There are a few others I was interested in but with Seven Deadly Sins and Fraxx in still going from last season I didn't want to take on many more.

Are there any I've missed you think are good? Feel free to tell me about them.


Wondering what Seven Deadly Sins and Fraxx are? They were out last season. You can see my first impressions here.

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