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Writing Prompt: World Ending

"You're here because, if we had left you where you were. In 40 or so years would have ended the world."

Writing is fun and I'd like you all to join me. Here's a fun tool to help you along. Take this prompt and roll with it. Carry it on or write something based on it, anything you want!

I'd love to know where you take it. You can comment below or use my contact form to e-mail me 500 words or less of you piece. I'll choose a few and post them up on the 16th April probably with my own contribution.(Feel free to write more or less or even just make a witty comment. I'm only limiting to 500 words because I'm a slow reader)


This prompt is also from an idea I've had knocking around for a while. It would be a crazy trip and I'd love to write it but I just don't have the time to think of a proper plan for it right now. For now I'll just write 500 words with you guys.

So tell me guys? How were you about to end the world? Did you already have plans? How does this strange person know?!

Have fun.


In my last writing prompt our birth gender annoyed the goddess Artemis. You can find the creative responses to that prompt here.

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