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Character Fact file with a Twist: Dreda Toth

Name: Dreda Toth/Moon Girl

Series: Moon Girl

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Dreda could easily fit into Griffindor. Sure, she is brave but it's not by choice, she's simply desensitised to most things thanks to the project. What's kept her alive and made her the best fighter in the room despite her smaller than average size is her cunning. She can see the best course of action to take in combat and is happy to use anything on hand if it achieves her victory.

Deadly Sin: Pride

A close first with Wrath, Dreda falls withing in the sin of pride because this is her main motivation. Dreda can't stand the idea of someone being able to beat her. She knows she isn't physically that strong but she feels secure in the idea that she could beat most people in a straight up fight due to her skill and quick thinking. It's the shaking of this pride that leads her to a large dilemma through the series.

Servant Class (What is this?): Assassin

Dreda's fighting style, though she is trying to change it, has always been about killing quickly. If she was summoned in a grail war, hands down she'd be an assassin.

D+D Alignment: Neutral Good

Dreda has done some bad things but she's never seen it as her choice. She killed to survive in the project and then helped gangsters because she couldn't get a job and had to pay her rent. She accepted the bad things she had to do but given the choice, she wouldn't have done them. Being a hero has allowed her to be the good person she wants to be even if she has problems following the rules at times.

Cinnamon Scale:

Looks like a Cinnamon roll but can kill you


A fact file with a geeky twist that I hope is interesting to those who do and don't know about my book series Moon Girl.

If you're interested in learning more about Dreda and her story you can find Moon Girl on Amazon and other online retailers, or even buy an author signed copy of the book directly from me on this site.

For those already familiar with Moon Girl and her world whose fact file would like like to see next? Let me know in the comments.

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