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New Anime Season! Here's what I'm watching!

So we're past the 3 episode rule (maybe a bit further but shhhh) and I can tell what I'm going to watch this anime season.

Black clover I'll admit, I'm mainly watching Black Clover because I'm curious. It's one of the most popular series in Japan at the moment so I want to see what is so good. I'm not too into it at the moment. The main character despite his white hair is shouty and annoying but the story hasn't had much of a chance to get started so I'm giving it a chance to at least introduce more of a cast before I quit.

The anime itself is about a teen called Asta who lives in a world where pretty much everyone can do magic but him. Despite this he aims to become the Hokage, I mean number 1 hero, I mean wizard king and pushes for that goal. He finds a black grimoire that gives him a big sword and goes on his adventure with his far too talented rival and fellow church raised orphan Yuno.

Kekai Sensen and Beyond This is the second season is Kekai Sensen and by god is it a great series. Set in a New York that has become the location of an inter-dimensional gateway where everything and anything falls through. It's an insane and wacky series that takes the idea of the big apple's concrete jungle and puts it on acid. The whole thing is a high action spectacle which normally ends, or sometimes starts with, with lots of explosions. It follows the teen Leonardo Watch, a pizza delivery boy just trying to get by and that's all I want to give away about the series. It's chaotic and fun to experience.

Junni Taisen A Fate/Zero inspired killing game where combatants are based on the Chinese zodiac. 12 warriors are gathered to fight for the right to have their wish granted. It's a simple set up and honestly, the series doesn't really do much to expand on it. It just gets down to business, explains the rules of the game then sets the combatants loose because it knows what you're here for.

It's been interesting so far. Other than the fact it's a killing game I wasn't sure what to expect, what tone they would go for, but so far I'm not disappointed. Through each episode, we're slowly finding out just how scary these people are, what kind of hidden talents they have. It's been good at making me curious about a few characters so I'm interested to see where this goes.

Kings Game The Animation This...I suppose I'll start with the fact that if this was live action I wouldn't have touched it with a ten-foot pole. It's a gruesome anime, twisted horror that honestly I thought I might not be able to watch because generally I'm not great with-in-your-face dark gore stories (gruesome for the sake of gruesome like Saw) but I'm okay with it so far...whether I make it through the entire series is yet to be seen but I'm at least morbidly curious to see more.

Kings Game follows a class of students that all of a sudden start getting texts from the 'king' giving them orders. If the orders are not carried out with 24 hours the student is 'punished' and this usually means death in some gruesome fashion. The orders start pretty harmlessly, kisses, admitting love but they start to get worse and worse, leading to more and more desperate situations. This is defiantly not going to be an anime with a happy conclusion.

Code: Realise Pretty anime boys time! Code: realise is based on an Otome game of the same name (Otome game is a dating sim for ladies to date men). So there is a group of pretty men of varying personalities going on adventured together in a cool looking steampunk world.

The actual plot is about a girl who has lived in isolation for a long time due to the fact everything she touches burns away like she's made of acid or something. Her clothes are specially made but everything and everyone else that comes into skin contact with her are burned. She's targeted by an organisation called twilight but before they can take her away she is stolen from them by phantom thief Lupin! There are a few familiar names in this including Frankenstein and Van Helsing so it's kind of fun to play a classical literature guessing game with new characters.

And that's about it for me, with DC's superhero shows coming back it's been hard to keep up so there are probably a few good ones I could be missing out on. Obviously I'm still watching Fate/Apocrypha as that is still going. Are there any I should check out or disagree with my points? Feel free to leave a comment.

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