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When Briony Rose Smith tried to upgrade her streaming set-up, she broke time and space and ended up in the never-ending Forbidden Library. After causing some damage she is now trapped and has to read 10,000 books before she will be let out. This book contains her musings on her time there with short stories she has written to try to get her numbers up.

Short stories are:
-Small Town Dracsville - Where a Vampire Hunter is utterly defeated
-No A Hacker - In which a Detective is out for revenge for his little girl's murder
-Depths of the Dungeon - Where a brother tries to find her missing sister who went missing in the lowest levels of the dungeon
-The Four Horsemen Avoid the Apocalypse - Death vs Resurrection magic
-Best Mum in the World - Where a child finds something they shouldn't, but don't worry, Mum will fix it.



Epub version is best downloaded for use on kindle devices. 

Tales from a Trapped Writer (ebook, epub)

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